Howard Firkin
This is a rather hotch-potch collection of stories. I don't write a lot of prose (because writing is tedious and I've been spoilt by writing poetry which is so much easier) and I haven't been very good about trying to preserve my stories.

I will try to add more if I ever discover an easy way to digitize my stories (and I can find where they are currently buried), but as examples come to light, I will plonk them here.

This is a strange little story. A rather repressed narrator uses the example of bees to try to clarify his own situation.

Not a story in the sense of 'short story', but a narrative poem and therefore a story in my book. It is based on Ovid (isn't everything?). I am proudest of my innovation of conflating the young woman with the old. In the traditional tale, the young woman is undone by the cunning of an older women; in mine, the older woman is the young woman's own inner voice.