Howard Firkin
Conversation in a pub
"I’m not unfaithful to my wife; the girl
friend says I’m polyamorous, that’s all…
She says I can’t fight nature: it’s the call
of semi-wild man’s prime need to unfurl
his DNA. You see?" "She has a point.
I’m not sure that your wife would quite agree…"
"But she’s content. For her, one man’s enough."
"Perhaps, but aren’t you worried? Aren’t you scared
the girlfriend might have plans she hasn’t shared?"
"What plans?" "You know… like getting up the duff?"
"I’ve had the snip. Might have to disappoint…"

The drinks go down. "I’ll cop you later…" "’Bye."
The polyamorist, content with life,
stands, leaves his mate to wonder, "Should I try
to sneak around and slip one to his wife?"